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Bid for free.

Sales commission of 1.5% (excl. 7.7% VAT) per party (double commission) if mediation is successful.

Service overview – get these services from us.

Complete cost and fee transparency is enormously important to Landbörse AG. If you don’t take part in a successful auction, you won’t incur any costs. We’d be happy to provide you with no-obligation advice and information.

Bid - your chance to bid on a level playing field.

By submitting an offer, you receive the option to bid on the suitable plots currently being auctioned. There is no charge for this service and you have the same opportunities as all other bidders. Bidding is secret for all bidders and you only enter the maximum sum you would be willing to pay for the plot. In order to verify your offer so you can take part in the bidding process, we need your personal details and an excerpt from the commercial register if applicable. This data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. This data lets us make sure that only serious bidders take part in the auction process, avoiding bogus bids and misuse of the auction process.

Mediation – seller and buyer find each other.

The bidder that submitted the best offer shall win the auction at the price of the second highest genuine bid plus CHF 10,000.00. In order to guarantee an intention to buy/sell on both sides, the parties shall be asked to pay 1.5% of the auction price by way of commission. This lets us ensure that the parties truly intend to go through with the transaction so that no party is inconvenienced. This mutual process can take some time, so we ask you to be patient in the name of security. Unsuccessful bidders will be informed of their loss only once the seller and highest bidder have come to an agreement.

More detailed information - GDB

For more information, please read our VALID SERVICE PROVISIONS (GDB), so you’ll be informed about the process right down to the smallest detail.

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