About us

The deal – what brings buyer and seller together.

Our primary aim is to bring together buyers and sellers. Regardless of soft sales factors, the following basic considerations of both interest groups are of the utmost importance to us.

Seller: I want to sell the plot for anything above this sum of money.

Buyer: I want to buy the plot for anything up to this sum of money.

Time – to get to know the plot’s opportunities and risks.

The objective purchase price for a plot of land is fundamentally based on the opportunities offered by that particular plot. By stipulating a fixed end point for an auction, we create the opportunity for buyers to familiarise themselves with the plot and work out use scenarios without the fear of the plot already being under offer or reserved by the time they are ready to make an offer.

Evolution – the classic simple handshake, rethought.

Landbörse AG has made it its aim to transfer the straightforward, honest and fair tradition of the handshake into the modern world. Technical evolution lets the seller target buyers and lets the buyer consider all investment opportunities in one central location.

Philosophy – fair, genuine and sincere.

Our top priority is fairness. In this fast-paced, profit-orientated age, we’d like to create a framework where genuine listings and sincere bids can be published and placed, and where the best bid wins the auction. We believe that a lack of market know-how shouldn’t be punished.

Success-orientated - success equals satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are return customers. That’s why we only charge further costs when an auction is successful. If an auction isn’t successful, the ad placer only bears the risk of the listing fee.

Equal opportunities – every bidder has the same rights.

The deciding criterium in the auction process is the purchase price. All bidders have exactly the same chance of winning the plot. If multiple bidders submit identical bids, the bidder that first submitted their offer to Landbörse AG shall win.

Fast – fast creation of your ad or offer.

The Landbörse AG system has been set up so that you can independently create your listing as quickly and as easily as possible. If you already have the land registry excerpt and other vital information regarding the plot, you can create an ad listing in just a few clicks. We’ll just add the relevant information you provided to your ad. The bidding process is also structured simply, so you can keep track, make changes and withdraw offers using your personal log-in at all times.

Incognito – after all, anonymity is an asset to be treasured.

In today’s technological environment, we don’t want to expose our customers. So all of our ad listings are published anonymously to protect your privacy as much as possible. What’s more, all communication about the final deal and final purchase price is conducted between the two parties only.

Experience - specialists in our field.

Our staff are specialists with years of experience. With this background and the relevant know-how, we have created a user-friendly environment where all content relevant to the buyer is available. A PDF sales document is automatically created for each ad listing. This is based on the relevant documents already supplied by the ad placer, and can be viewed and used by any visitor.

Marketplace – the marketplace for plots of land.

We are the marketplace for plots of land. Our system is unique and precisely tailored to the needs of buyers and sellers. It lets us ensure the targeted and comprehensive distribution of your listing. 

Network – our customers are your network.

We maintain a comprehensive network and work externally with renowned specialists. This serves to ensure and maximise the demand and interest in the plots listed with us.

Simple – the system provides direction.

It’s incredibly simple to create an ad listing. The Landbörse AG system is set up so that even people not familiar with the material can quickly and easily create ad listings without neglecting any details that might encourage a bid. 

Maximum principle – the best possible sales price at the lowest possible cost.

It’s natural that each party wants to achieve the maximum possible. The highest bidder wins the auction at the price of the second highest bid plus CHF 10,000.00. Thanks to this system, both parties retain their interests, as the final price is at least above the reserve price set by the seller but under the maximum purchase price set by the buyer. The parties therefore end up with a price that’s fair for both.

Trust – we earn your trust.

Our system and our processes are legally verified and cannot be changed individually. Please respect our guidelines and trust our processes. This is the only way we can guarantee that we put forward genuine parties and minimise mutual risk. 

Security – we protect your interests.

In order to ensure that the ad listings and bids on our platform are genuine, we carry out verification. To this end, we ensure that the people placing ads are truly authorised to offer the plot at auction. On the other hand, only real, credible bids are desired during the auction process, so verification also takes place on this end.

After the auction process ends, a written confirmation is sent to both parties. In order to verify sale/purchase intention, communication to the selling party and the auction winner shall take place consecutively and a sales commission deposit paid to secure the transaction. Rejection confirmations to the losing bidders will only be sent once both parties have confirmed their intentions.

If one party withdraws from the communicated intent during the course of this process, rendering the auction invalid, the other party shall be refunded any commission deposit already paid in full.

Confidentiality - confidentiality and discretion.

During and after the auction process, there shall be no communication about the status of bids, the name of the currently highest bidder, the number of bids, the coordinates of the seller or the coordinates the currently highest bidder and/or auction winner.

Equal rights – neutral and without influence.

Landbörse AG remains neutral towards its customers at all times. In this spirit, Landbörse AG does not favour either party on the selling or buying side.

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