Access Control Service Overview

This option type includes an auction tailored to your needs, which allows you to include the sympathy factor.

Expanded option

Act as the bouncer for your own auction. Define the parameters of your auction. Determine who can participate in the auction and distribute the appropriate access data for this purpose. The usual attributes of Landbörse AG, such as security, fairness and anonymity, are also guaranteed in any Access Control auction.

Sympathy factor

As access data is provided, you can include the sympathy factor and define the maximum price within the respective group of interested parties for your auction. This allows you to combine a sales strategy based on the maximum price with your individual needs and find a suitable customer at the best price.

Individual solution

We would be happy to offer you an auction tailored to your needs and to clarify the associated costs during a consultation. Your Access Control auction will take place in an environment specifically created for you. This requires an individual consultation. Please contact us so that we can provide you with comprehensive advice and information.

Access Control option

Individual advice

Individual duration

Individual ​​​​​​​price

All prices are subject to the addition of statutory VAT at 8.1 %

Sales commission of 1.5% (excl. 8.1% VAT) per party (double commission) if mediation is successful.

Service overview – get these services from us.

Complete cost and fee transparency is enormously important to Landbörse AG. So we’d be happy to provide you with comprehensive, no-obligation advice and information.

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Sales listing - service overview

By activating your listing, we’re allowing you to position your plot with us at the right address for your aim, so you can benefit from our listing system as well as our unique product. Ad listings are published anonymously using the information you provide, and our legally reviewed process makes it easy, fast and secure for you to manage. Each ad listing contains a professionally and automatically generated sales document that contains  all data about your plot of land. You are free to choose from a one-month or three-month auction to stipulate the end of your auction. The auction’s duration is displayed after approval and activation by way of a countdown clock above your listing. This lets us ensure that bidders are always informed of the auction’s end time, ensuring that we generate the highest possible number of bidders for you.

At this point, please consider that the bidders should be given the opportunity to review your land and the opportunities it offers so you can achieve the highest possible bids. Knowing the opportunities offered by the land increases a bidder’s willingness to pay enormously.

Mediation - seller and buyer find each other.

The bidder that submitted the best offer shall win the auction at the price of the second highest genuine bid plus CHF 10,000.00. In order to guarantee an intention to buy/sell on both sides, the parties shall be asked to pay 1.5% of the auction price by way of commission. This lets us ensure that the parties truly intend to go through with the transaction so that no party is inconvenienced.

If the party that won the auction does not transfer the required sales commission, you will be refunded any commission you have already paid in full without any deductions.

More detailed information - GDB

For more information, please read our VALID SERVICE PROVISIONS (GDB), so you’ll beinformed about the process right down to the smallest detail.