Why us

Don't just list, sell

The new way to buy and sell land

What makes Landbörse stand out?

  • Our service is unique.
  • Thanks to our new yet tried and tested approaches, we offer simple solutions to existing problems.
  • Our process simplifies activating a professional sales listing whether you’re  a newcomer or professional user.
  • This not only helps save time, but also arrange all relevant documents in full and in chronological order.
  • Landbörse’s listing service not only entails activating the relevant plot on our platform but also the chance of successful mediation.
  • The overall package includes a clearly designed sales document that boasts a clean, professional image.
  • You benefit from our know-how and our comprehensive network, and participate in profitable related projects - as a profitable project automatically increases the value of the land on which it could be created.
  • You have absolutely equal opportunities with us. There’s no short straw, and the only factor in decision-making is the price.
  • Construction plots are rare. Thanks to targeted channelling of interested parties, you can save valuable time and make a goal-orientated decision.
  • We offer you the highest possible level of safety. From the anonymity of your data to the thorough review of all bidders and bids.
  • Simplicity is the key to success. That’s why our network grows from each day to the next.


  • Clearly defined auction deadline
  • Plenty of time for investment calculations,
    preliminary projects and clarifications
    with local authorities
  • You have the chance to use multiple opportunities
  • No disadvantages or preferential treatment
  • Fair and anonymous process


  • Minimal effort
  • Fast and secure ad listing creation 
  • Helping hand with professional documents and suitable sales document
  • Increase value through informative documentation
  • Equal opportunities and anonymity
  • Focus on the highest price
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